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Walk-Ins, Step-Ins, Other-Kins

Walk-ins, Step-ins, Other-kins  — Soul exchanging

Popular Mythos
A typical modern walk-in report is similar to near-death experience, generally involving a human who is initially injured, ill, incapacitated, or seems to “die” and then recover during surgery. Deep emotional trauma and suicidal desires are said to be other suitable settings for the “walk-in”.

After recovering the “walk-in” may behave dramatically differently from previously established behaviour patterns. S/he may speak in an unfamiliar language, self-identify under a different name, be disoriented, or supernally calm. Under current conditions such experience cannot be proven to have an objective basis or “reality”; in psychological terms, this subjective experience might be caused by depersonalization.
In the popular mythos the walk-in exists to provide an accessible wisdom, via close encounters with the nature of personality or death. Typically the walk-in’s statements reflect popular obsessions, often of a New Age character, and may be considered “wise” by virtue of slightly archaic language and non-committal references to the metaphysical. Typical statements might include “It is not known where the original inhabitant of the body has gone”, and references to reincarnation via the statement “the original soul has left and gone on”. The new individual may claim he or she is an angel; a “new” version of the former self; an older, more experienced soul; less often, a brand new one who has never incarnated before; or other origins.

Many walk-ins claim heightened psychic sensitivity and may take up work as New Age healers or ministers. Others claim inability to accomplish basic tasks of daily living. Clearly, at least for some, claiming a walk-in experience may have a number of secondary gains.

In classical cases, the change is immediately apparent to the subject. However, it may take weeks or months before a supposed walk-in notices, or comes to believe, that a transition has indeed occurred. The New Age religion explains this in terms of the “new soul” having enough information to take up the life of the “previous occupant” seamlessly

Occasionally, the “old self” returns after a period of months or years; whereupon either the “new self” departs, or they coexist and may try to integrate into a single being, or work out a means of cooperation and live as two persons in one body.

Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula – at Allposters.com

This kind of walk-in is very similar to old-time, pre-Sybil cases of multiple personalities such as Mary Reynolds. A period of unconsciousness is followed by the manifestation of a new self. William James studied Reynolds and Ansel Bourne, and thought of multiple personality as something natural but not yet understood, rather than a mental disease

Boris Sidis in his 1903 book Multiple Personalities recorded similar cases, involving both men and women.

The Spiritualist version of the walk-in belief is similar, except that Spiritualists dealt less with “advanced beings” or guides than with the souls of ordinary persons, perhaps loved ones, who would take up residence within the body of a living person to help them or to stay in touch with earthly goings-on. An example would be the cooperative partnership of Florence Cook with “Katie King”. [2] This was regarded as a completely normal form of mediumship.

The original animus of the body is typically portrayed as spiritually exhausted, voluntarily taking a break or ceding control of the body, and the so-called new personality regarded as legitimately “in charge”. While the general New Age belief about walk-ins claims represents that no soul leaves a body involuntarily, and that no soul walks into another body “without reason” or spiritual justifications, the popular understanding has evolved since its inception in 1970.

Interest in the “walk-in” phenomenon was initially stimulated in the 1970s by the popular “Seth Speaks” series of occult books written by “channel” Jane Roberts, as reputedly authored by her various “spirit-world” benefactors. In 1979, Ruth Montgomery capitalized on the fascination with Strangers Among Us, a collection of accounts of walk-ins. She included prominent historical figures among her subjects, such as Thomas Jefferson as having hosted walk-in spirits who actually wrote the Declaration of Independence.[2]
Subsequently, a belief system grew up around the walk-in.[3]

It included New Age attributes such as the concept of “ascending into higher frequencies of evolution”, a variety of psi powers, traditional “predictions regarding Earth Changes” first cited in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation but popularized by Edgar Cayce, and predictions of dire fates for those whose “vibrational levels” remain unraised. In the late 1980s and early 1990s a channelling team known as “Savizar and Silarra” (Extraterrestrial Earth Mission), emphasised their “walk-in” status, claiming successive walk-in experiences together with corresponding name changes. The New Age walk-in belief system now includes a number of variant experiences such as channeling, telepathy contact with extraterrestrial intelligences, or soul merging, where the original soul is said to remain present, coexisting or integrating with the new one. As of 2006, an increasing number of people claim some type of walk-in experience. Walk-ins were featured on the June 4, 1999 segment of Robert Stack’s Unsolved Mysteries. According to information presented on this program, there are now walk-in conventions, one of them drawing approximately 500 people.

Checklists to determine walk-in status include name changes, career changes, new interest in the study of psychic phenomena, a feeling that one is an alien, or a sudden desire to move to a new environment. Reported physical changes include memory loss and the sudden onset of allergic reactions. Since all of these factors could possibly be attributed to simple life changes such as adolescence or middle age, it’s difficult to determine solely from such a checklist if a “true” walk-in has occurred. The most logical method might be to determine if any specific event historically connected with walk-ins (anaesthesia for surgery is one of the most common) occurred around the time one first started feeling differently. There is, however, no known scientific method to prove whether or not the walk-in experience has any objective reality, let alone how to determine if one has occurred.

The present belief system states that all souls come to earth in order to accomplish missions of cosmic significance, and that a walk-in is a highly evolved soul who is here to help raise the vibrational levels of humanity and doesn’t want to bother with the tedious process of incarnating in the usual fashion (through birth).

Walk-ins, according to New Age teachers, are not perfect like Ascended Masters, but are invariably more spiritual, compassionate and sympathetic than the original person. This interpretation is sometimes disputed by the spouses of people who abruptly discontinue marital relations on the grounds that they are not the person whose name appears on the wedding license or that carnal love is not for those of higher vibrational frequencies. Separation, divorce, and remarriage are very common to the New Age walk-in experience.

Walk-Ins, Otherkin and Multiplicity
The “otherkin” community defines a walk-in by the standard definition, with the caveat that people with multiple personalities may have one or more perceived entities in their body who “walked into” the body of their host, without the host needing to depart (closer to the older Spiritualist idea); they believe this can happen right after birth, or later in life. Such a person is described as an otherkin host, or simply as a host, and the foreign entity they experience as residing in them would be a walk-in.

The theorised origins of these types of walk-in souls vary. Some are thought to be human or animal spirits; others, creatures usually considered mythological; or extraterrestrial intelligences. They are thought to share the body space and take turns using the body, usually with permission and awareness.

Unlike the classic or Sybil-like description of multiple personality disorder, people experiencing these groups of minds usually report getting on rather well, contributing energy and ideas to the host individual’s life goals, as well as helping with activities of daily living. Rosemary Brown is perhaps a better example of this style of existing with multiple identities. Some people who experience classic MPD also report walk-ins[4]

Another phenomenon often confused with the abovementioned and classical walk-in experience is hosting. A host is a person who believes he voluntarily shares his body with other souls, usually but not necessarily since birth, while retaining his own consciousness and sense of self. A person who believes he’s sharing his body with otherkin walk-in spirits can said to be hosting; but according to reports by people who experience hosting, not all hosted spirits are walk-ins, nor are they necessarily otherkin.

Some hosts claim that the presences they experience as residing in their body are simply the spirits of deceased relatives, or friends or lovers from past lives. This is very similar to the description given by old-time Spiritualist mediums who believed they could allow a departed loved one or a spirit guide to take up residence in their body temporarily or permanently. These mediums were among the first to have the term “multiple personalities” applied to them. according to some early articles in The Word magazine. They experience a sharing of space and body time with the perceived spirit, usually with mutual respect and caring uncharacteristic of stereotyped MPD behavior as reported by psychiatrists.

The concept of voluntary possession or sharing of the body by more than one spirit is well known in many indigenous cultures. One of the central practices of Vodou is to allow gods and saints to take temporary possession of human bodies, to give advice and help to all the people. Folk healing on the island of Bali can involve ceremonies in which departed ancestors take over a living body for the same purposes.[5] For the ceremony called Sanghyang Dedari (external link), two little girls are specially trained to become temporary vessels for a pair of angels, Tunjung Biru and Dewi Supraba, who come to remove bad luck and sickness from the village at the end of the monsoons. And in some Gulf Coast Indian tribes, leaders and healers are chosen from “those who have the most spirits living inside them.”

Generally, hosts say they are able to change body control between the persons residing in their bodies at will; in such situations, they feel that the main or host self (in most cases, this is the soul of the original inhabitant) simply “takes a step back” and lets another entity “come forward” to control the body.

People who find themselves in a hosting or walk-in situation are also in a larger category, generally referred to simply as “multiples” (without the “disorder” label) by the otherkin community.

Some otherkin multiples, and other people in walk-in hosting situations, stress that it is important to make a distinction between themselves and people who experience DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). On numerous websites and Internet forums (where a certain amount of anonymity is possible), these people report being aware of the others and able to communicate and cooperate with them, again in contrast to standard popular and psychiatric conceptions of MPD or DID. They may refer to this experience as healthy or non-disordered multiplicity.

Such people often prefer to use internally-referential terms such as “people” or “selves” over the popular “personality” or psychological term “alter”, which are considered misleading through the implication that each perceived internal entity is not a person in his or her own right



Psychic / Medium Abilities

Psychic abilities come in many forms.  Some are subtle and others very “loud” in their unfolding.  This site is named Psychic Pen, with not only psychic phenomenon among its topics, but also other paranormal subjects, too.  As is the case with many writers, those of us who write on psychic and metaphysical/paranormal topics, do so with information often seemingly coming “through” us rather than “from” us.  Not exactly as intense as an automatic writing session.  Much of the time we are in total control over what words appear on the screen, but many times, information / data will come to us as we write.  Things that aren’t familiar knowledge from our own stores, but seem to come from “another” source.

Psychic writing in only one form of the paranormal experience of ability.  There are many others.

Clairaudience – is that little voice that you hear on a frequency that no others can.  It is the inner you that guides you and leaves you with impulses that tell you if you’re on track or not.  We would be wise to listen to the inner voice.  Guaranteed it has more scope of knowledge than does our limited human self.

Often, clairaudience is the form that spirits will take as a “first step” to communication.  A whisper directly in the ear, a nearly-textual image in the mind, a rhyme, etc.  These are some of the experiences of a clairaudient.

It can also be one of the most startling of psychic experiences or talent.  A frantic voice in your ear as you drift off to sleep, might be one example.  Granted, clairvoyance can shake a body up, but hearing, in the human experience, is a powerful communication.

Clairvoyance – is the “sight”.  Cliché as it may seem, the “I see dead people” whisper of the little boy with his face serious and fearful is strikingly similar to those of us who are clairvoyant.  Seeing shadows, phantasms, spirit bodies, disembodied parts and floating heads, is an exhilarating experience for anyone interested in the topic, but for those who are not expecting such occurrences in their lives, it can be heart-stopping in its way.

You experience clairvoyance in many instances in your life when you’re not even aware it’s happening.  You may see someone on the street, be drawn to their face, turn away and when you turn back, they’re gone.  You may see a shadow from the corner of your eye and when you look full on, it’s gone.

The finest way for someone wanting to focus on seeing a spirit is to look away.  By averting your gaze, you allow the visual to form.

Clairsentience – is feeling the ghostly presences.  A woosh past the cheek, a cool draft, a touch, scratch, kiss or other type of touch isn’t uncommon for those with this talent. The clairsentient is going to physically feel the touch or vapors of a spirit being.  They are able to smell odors on occasion  that are familiar and coming from the memories of the spirit.

This particular talent is probably the most common among those who think they’re not psychic (everyone is) because a scent will become noticeable for a moment and then be gone.  Recognizing that a message has been sent is important

Clairalience – is the talent of “clear smelling”.  Pipe tobacco, cigarettes, pot, body odors, environmental cues, and perfumes are some of the experiences that psychics with this ability have had.  This, as opposed to the other talents, can be very poignant, as smell is one of humankind’s most compelling senses.  Our memories are closely associated with scents, aromas and smells.

Copyright – J. Thompson

Fake Psychics

When attempting to connect with a psychic with whom you feel a comfortable relationship, you will likely run into a few who just aren’t as “real” as they might first appear. Real psychic advisors are out there and you have to keep alert and trust your intuition.

Perhaps the most fake of all would be those who continue to milk you for money.  The first reading isn’t enough, they say.  You need this protection spell or curse relief or other type of reading, they say.

Don’t listen. If you have a reading and your psychic urges you to invest in other tools or things (s/he happens to offer) because you have a curse on you or need some other service, think carefully before reaching for your credit card. 

Many networks and corporate companies out there push ready-written scripts at their “psychics”. The per-minute fees are pushed to the max and return calls are encouraged.  When so many people are taking calls, the likelihood of developing a rapport with someone becomes slim. The likelihood of your phone bill inflating becomes greater.

If you are seeking an in-person psychic in your area, be sure to take someone with you if you’re unfamiliar with the psychic.  Your safety comes first. Again use your intuition and if the person feels uncomfortable to you, leave. It’s unlikely that will change.

Fake psychics will provide all kinds of minutiae about their talents.  One page is plenty.  If the bio runs on, chances are some of it is crap. 

There are different kinds of talents out there.  Some of us have a number of them, others specialize in a few or single gifts.  They are all gifts, and if real, can have some pretty incredible outcomes. 

What it comes down to is that you may have to go through a few toads before you meet the psychic advisor with whom you feel connected.  Don’t get discouraged.  There are many of us out here who have genuine gifts that could be of benefit to you..  

© J Thompson 

What Is A Psychic Adviser?

Tips for choosing the right consultant

When you’re seeking an ongoing advisory relationship with your personal psychic, choosing a psychic consultant you feel comfortable with is paramount to getting the most out of the experience.

The most important tool in the pursuit of a good personal psychic is your intuition.  It’s important that you listen to that little inner voice that all too many have a tendency to ignore.  Our intuition never lets us down, provided we open ourselves up to listening. So as you seek a spiritual advisor, you will begin with how the person “feels” to you. 

Networks are a personal choice, but the “psychics” associated with huge business ventures can be so numerous that a relationship on any advisory level is nearly impossible.  

The per-minute system also sets off alarms for many who simply want some questions answered and a fair honest reading.  Too many times, people find that although 2.99 a minute may sound reasonable, the bill can add up in no time.  

When you’re looking for someone to trust with knowledge of your life, you want someone who has a feeling of integrity, who presents themselves without the flash of corporate psychic empires and who doesn’t promise the world. 

The Crystal Ball

Psychics have had a Hollywood image for too long and most of it is hogwash. The most important thing you must remember is that psychics are people.  We have lives, loves, schedules and require sleep on occasion 🙂  We’re not mind readers or miracle workers.  

Testimonials and endorsements can be faked and often are.  They are not a trustworthy indication of the strength of a particular psychic.  “References” are the same.  Anyone can fake a set of friends as references and be cautious of any psychic who gives out client info. You might want to reconsider using their service.  Client confidentiality applies with any type of advisory position. 

Ultimately you can’t really know for sure about any psychic, online or in person.  You can trust your intuition and go with the one that feels most comfortable to you. Be patient.  Once you find the right psychic advisor for you, you’ll enjoy an ongoing and enlightening relationship.

© J Thompson 

Astral Travel / Projection

OBE  or Out of Body Experience is a fairly common occurrence for humans and doesn’t require a particular belief or religion.  Our energy bodies shed our physical selves, in sleep, in relaxation, that sudden jerk at the edge of sleep as we reconnect or ground…astral travel is something we all do. Becoming aware of this process will give you the choice as to when and where you go.

Once you’ve decided to consciously pursue this activity, you must learn to relax. A deep and complete relaxation and you’re half way there.  Astral travel or astral body motion is something that can be controlled and by learning the deeper levels of mediation or relaxation, your experiences will be more enjoyable.

Let your mind relax from the stress of the day, finding a quiet place to slip into a semi-trancelike state. Relax your body and let your thoughts drift for a bit, moving from this to that, so long as it’s positive. 

Focus your mind so that you, rather than “see” a place, try to “feel” the place you’d like to go, whether it’s in the backyard or the next country.  Consider that humans tend to think it’s easier to create a cookie than a castle, but that depends on your perception.  In this case, it might be easier to “feel” a place you’ve already been as opposed to relying on mental images of pictures you’ve seen of someplace.

The Monroe Center uses a system that uses binaural beat technology and claims it’s a faster way to learn to leave the body, but many have their doubts about that system.

Many prefer the old fashioned roll. Like an old school trick, rolling out of your body is one of the simplest ways to avoid the occasional disorientation that obe can cause.  To roll, concentrate on your feet and the heat in them.  Feel that heat begin to pull up, like heat the shape of your legs.  Pulling them up and higher, over your head and finally rolling them to the area behind your head.  This method seems to allow a clear separation of energy and body because the last disconnect is the head chakra area.

You can also do a side roll much the same way, with the left or right hand being the disconnect point.  

The silver cord (as most see) can be seen as other methods of connection; mist, light, etc. This cord keeps you anchored to your physical body until its death.  Even though your astral eyes can’t always see the cord, it’s there. 

Try the simple methods to astral travel and remember to relax into it.  It seems that most to the paranormal arena want to achieve it and believe me, it’s completely achievable.  You have to be patient and kind to yourself and seek to enjoy the experience.  It’s well worth the effort.


© J Thompson

Rescue Mediums – Interview


I was given the delightful opportunity to do email interviews with those wonderful ladies of the paranormal, the Rescue Mediums. 

Below find their answers to the questions I asked them, giving us insight into the work and wonder of what Jackie and Christine do when they do their spirit rescues, as well as their lives as psychic mediums.



1. How long have you known each other? How did you meet?

J – We have known each other since childhood, growing up in the same street.  Years later,  Christine then married my brother Kevin. 

C – We have lived in the same village all our lives and years later I married Jackie’s brother but we are no longer together, having divorced in 2007

2. When did you first realize your talent? When did you begin deliberately using it?

J – When I look back now, I realise that I have always been able to communicate with spirit, but when you are a child, you just accept this as normality, and that everyone else can see what you can see.  Then I suppose, my ability went away whilst I was busy growing up.  As a teenager I was very interested in the paranormal, and looked into different communication levels, via cards, wicca etc.  Then I got married, had babies, and did all the mumsy things.  Christine and my brother Kevin had a really bad car accident, and it made me think about life and death in a very down to earth way.  I had a thirst to know more, and so I consciously sought information on the various ways to communicate with spirit. 

Christine and I attended our local Spiritualist Church together, and one night, the platform Medium came to us after the service.  She told us that her Spirit Guide had told her that she had to ask us to join a development circle.  We had never met this woman before, as she came from the Manchester area, which was an hours drive from where we live.  So we were a little surprised, but agreed to do this.  For the next year we travelled every week to train with this lady, firstly with other potential Mediums, then eventually, just the two of us, with her, at her home.  The rest, as you know, is history.

C – When I was five I was taken to my grt grandmother’s house by my grandparents. My grt grandmother had died and I went with them to sort out her things.  I could not touch a thing.  I could feel grt gran there; I saw her sitting in her chair and I felt she was saying leave my things alone.

3. Could you please describe how a (normal/standard) encounter might seem to you. Eg, what do you see? Hear? etc.

J – This depends on the circumstances.  Sometimes I do physically see the spirit, and also physically hear, but it is usually a thought process.  Spirit have to learn how to communicate with you, as an individual, just as you have to learn to tune in to them.  So each communication is different.  For the most, I suppose it is rather like a daydream sort of feeling, if that makes sense.  its ‘inside’ your head.  Spirit have to ‘thought transfer’ what they are trying to say to you.  Sometimes it can be extremely physical as in a strong smell, or even being pushed, prodded etc.  My father in law actually pinches my backside to let me know he is around (cheeky!!) no pun intended.  

I have to take all of the symbols, pictures, sounds, smells and also feelings and put them all together to be able to see, hear and understand.  I always think that explaining spirit is rather like explaining how a radio works.  You turn on the radio, and you can hear someone talking to you, you can hear the music and it makes you feel good, or the chat show that you listen to is really helpful and this puts a picture in your mind of what you are listening to, especially if its an excerpt from a book.  Now you cant see the person that is talking to you on the radio, but you can hear them, so you know that they are there.  Its just the same with the spirit world, they just communicate on a different vibration level that’s all. 

C – I usually see spirit in my third eye although I have seen them fully manifest…  I have like a tv screen inside my head and I can hear them too…  I also see shapes and symbols which, with the help of my guide, Loni, I interpret what spirit are trying to say.

4. Do you come from a background of believers or other talented mediums?

J – Both of my grandmothers were psychic, although neither used their ability outside of the family.  My parents are interested in the paranormal, and we have really interesting discussions about things.  Most of my Mums sisters are psychic, and so yes, I suppose it runs in the family

C – Many of my family have the gift but they don’t all use it…  My gr gran was a spiritualist and she had a crystal ball; she had to go to the spiritualist meetings in secret as they were not allowed in the early 50s.

5. Part of the appeal to the show is that you are both so down-to-earth and not “Hollywood”. Extraordinary women who have a fine tuned and extraordinary talent for communicating with the dead. Are you comfortable with the growth in popularity of the show and your own celebrity?

J – Its funny really, because the first time a fan of the show came up to us in Toronto, Chris and I just looked at each other and giggled.  I have a saying that keeps me grounded and reminds me where my roots are, and that is ‘fish, chips, and mushy peas’.  Its a proper northern England dish, and takes me visually back to eating fish and chips out of newspaper as a kid.  Chris and I love working on the show, and don’t see ourselves as anything other than two lasses from Barnton who are doing a job that we absolutely love doing.

C –  I am happy that the show is popular…  I don’t feel like a celeb; I don’t feel any different.  I really like when the fans come to say hello.


6. It seems like the most prevalent fad these days is seeking proof of life after death. What is your opinion on why it’s so difficult to “pin down” or actually “prove” the existence of life beyond this one?

J – We can only prove what we have done.  As none of us have done the death bit, till we actually go over to the spirit world, we cant absolutely prove anything. However, we can believe in the available proof.  The aim of a Medium is to prove that life is continuous once we go through the change that we call death.  I personally have had proof over and over again that my loved ones in the Spirit World are still around me.  I have also had proof of other peoples loved ones in spirit are around them.  They do this by providing me with information that I could not possibly know without it being conveyed to me by the person now in spirit.  That’s one of the reasons that i love to do the rescue work.  Spirit give so much proof of who they are, where they lived, how they lived, why they are still around on the earth plane.  That can be backed up by researching the information that you are given by them.  It is tremendously satisfying to know that you can help spirit who need help, and to get confirmation that you listened properly to what they were saying to you, is terrific. 

C – Proving life after death is the main function of a medium and is very important… to me.  Proving it is not easy…  I would love it if spirit could just say Hi my name is and I lived? but they can mostly only communicate by showing me pictures, etc…  Also, the spirit-world vibrates at a much faster rate than this world…  We vibrate at the same rate as our world that’s why it is solid to us…  When we pass to spirit we vibrate at the same rate as the spirit-world and that becomes solid…  The spirit-world  is another dimension; it is in and around this world…  Some spirits find it easier to communicate than others – just like on the earth-plane some people can learn to do things faster and better than others.

7. You both seem to use visuals in your rescues. Have you been artistic all your life or is this something that comes almost as “automatic or spirit writing”?

J – I have always ‘doodled’, as I think most people do, so how much of that was spirit, and how much of that was me just being artistic, I cant say for certain.  I have always drawn faces, and love to draw and paint.  I have painted in oils for many years, and love all the pre-raphaelite artists work.

I now consciously work with spirit to differentiate between spirit communication and me just wanting to draw or paint.  Usually one of my Guides will urge me to pick up paper and either a pen or pencil.  That way I know how they want to work with me.  The drawings usually come very quickly, and I never know how they are going to develop.  Sometimes the image however, is extremely strong and I have to get it down exactly as it is in my head.  it can be really intense at times.

The drawing is an ‘image’ of a person and not a photograph, and the recipient of the drawing has to be aware of that.  If the image is captured, then that is what is to be achieved. 

C –  I have always drawn ever since being a child…  But I always drew faces, never knowing why, until I started incorporating this with my medium-ship.

8. What advice would you give to people who think they have a haunted house?

J – run!!!  No seriously, they need to know if they feel threatened or upset by the spirit that they believe to be there.  it could be that the spirit is just visiting and likes to pop in every now and again to see how the newest occupants are treating their former home, or it could be that they are the occupants own family member calling to say hello.  The occupants need to ‘feel’ the atmosphere.  If the spirit needs to be helped and guided towards the light, there will be a definite feeling in the house that cannot be ignored.  They could always try to fill each room full of light and ask their own guides to help guide the distressed spirit into the light.  I would advise anyone who is doing this however, to put psychic protection around themselves before attempting this. 

C – My advice to anyone with a haunted house is to find their nearest spiritualist church and ask for help

9. Do you believe everyone has these abilities and if so, how do they move forward toward feeling comfortable with them? 

J – Yes everyone is born with this ability of communication,  I think everyone has a story of a baby, or very young child, looking at ‘something or someone’ in the room, and there is no one there, or of chatting away to that something or someone.  That is how we are before we school our minds on how to live in the physical world.  The best way to be comfortable with the natural gifts that we all have, is to decide what you are going to do with them.  If you want to develop them, to communicate or just simply to be in control of what is happening to you, then you need to become aware of your gifts, then to develop them.  This can be through a development circle, or on a one to one with a Medium.  The key to any development is meditation.  You have to be able to meditate in order to communicate in depth with your spirit guide.  Development will  be based on meditating and interpretation of the meditation.  This is how we ‘learn’.  Spirit teach us through meditation with pictures, sounds, feelings, smells etc etc

C – I truly believe we all have the ability to develop our gifts…  Some people are more tuned into this than others…  To move forward we need to find a development circle and meditate a lot

10. What is the most memorable case you’ve ever worked on together? Why was it so memorable?

J – In the show, they are all memorable, although we do have one or two favourites.  Some can be very distressing, and intense, especially if it involves a missing person, or a murder victim.  Cases involving children are always heart rendering.  

I think the most memorable case that we have worked on together has to be the first rescue that we ever did.  Many years ago we did an investigation in Leicestershire, England that involved a down syndrome youngster.  He had been locked up in an upstairs room of the house by his father, who was a Minister of the Church.  This was in the 1920’s.  This poor young lad was chained inside the room, and there were bars at the windows.  He was taken out at night on a leash for exercise so that no one saw him in the dark.  We didn’t know any of this prior to our visit.  The story unfolded during the rescue.  It was very emotional as the youngsters grandfather came forward to take him into the light.  He actually turned to us when he got hold of his grandfathers hand and waved goodbye.  Everything was confirmed by the lady who owned the house as she had researched the story, and only taken the chains out of the room the day before we arrived. 

C – The most memorable case was the first one we went on… It involved helping a down syndrome child into the spirit-world…  This poor child had been chained up in a cupboard all his days and only taken out at night under the cover of darkness…  This was in the 1920s…  When we rescued him his grandfather came out of the light to take him over…  It was very moving

11. If you could change one thing about what you do, what would it be?

J – I am perfectly content with what I do.  if I need to change in any way, shape or form, I expect Spirit will direct me as to how to work.

C – I would not change anything because I cant think of anything to change


Rescue Mediums is a half-hour television show that follows the trials and tribulations of two internationally-renowned psychics, Christine Hamlett and Jackie Dennison, as they visit people’s homes and show wayward spirits into the light.  Jackie and Christine’s psychic abilities include premonitions, psychometrics, psychic drawings, spirit contact, past life regressions… all helped by a very quirky sense of humour.  

Rescue Mediums can be now be seen in 6 countries:  Canada (on W Network), USA (on WE tv), UK (Discovery Health and Home), Brazil, Thailand and Sweden.


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